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Class Minutes – 2/21 – Dime

Class Minutes  –  Professional Practice  –  February 21st 2018  –  Dime

Start time 2:37 pm   –   End time 5:00 pm


Class began 7 minutes late; Professor met an alumni in the corridor.

Discussed Assignments

Guest Speaker next class

Purpose and Legal Obligations of taking minutes

Reading: Section in textbook on architectural services.

Forms of Agreements


Kyle asked about maximizing square footage

Daniel asked about Architect-Client Confidentiality

Terms & Conditions

Project Costs

Possible Liabilities in Architecture Projects

Breakdown of Assignments

Grading Criteria Updates

Finalizing Due Dates

For next week: Begin reviewing resumes


International Group Minutes

Team International

Arch 4861

Taking Minutes

The group introduced each other again and stated which country they specifically want more information on.

  • General Knowledge – Luis
  • Germany – Katherine
  • Spain –
  • Japan – Erick
  • Britain –


The breakup of what question we need to answers to, and what direction will we head towards.

The general findings of the research was discussed.

Choose any specific schools we would want to transfer to.

Group Minute ( Interior Design)


Start Time: 3:45pm
End Time: 4:12 pm

Group Name : Interior Design
Group Members: Tiffany, Mohamed, Usmonbek, Richa, Kenny

Sign up for Open Lab.


Job scope in Interior Design

Roles and Responsibilities as a Interior Design


Plan of Action:

Do Research on following topics regarding interior Design

Licensing  (Richa)

Jobs (Usmonbek)

Styles (Tiffany)

What is Interior Design?, Intro, Software (Mohamed)

Education (Kenny)

Oral Due Date : 02/21/2018


Kyle Sutherland – Group Minutes

Start Time: 3:41pm
End Time: 4:13 pm
Group Members: Kyle Sutherland, Leonardo Tineo

Main Points:

Sign up for Open Lab.

Discussed our research on construction management. (roles, responsibilities, salary, education requirements, necessary skills)

Discussed that we should incorporate jobs in construction management and what schools to
attend for a construction management degree.

Plan of Action:

Leonardo will do research on jobs and schools for construction management in California.

Kyle will do research on jobs and schools for construction management in New York.

Kyle Sutherland – Class Minutes

Start Time: 2:30pm
End Time: 5:00pm

Main Points:

Open Lab site is open, create an Open Lab account.

Networking opportunities.

What is considered sexual harassment in the office or school and how to deal with it.

Outline for class and group minutes.

Obtaining an architecture license in New York.

Work in your groups to sign up for Open Lab and discuss what you have done and your next plan of action.

What is due for the next class:

Post Class Minutes

Post Group Minutes

Read pages 11-34 of the book

Create a draft of your seven-year plan