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Shutter Speed and Capturing Motion

I find this photo interesting because of the red jacket that stands out, it is the first thing that caught my eye when viewing this photo. My group and I decided to photograph other students who just happened to walk … Continue reading

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Composition and Camera Angle: Chair

This is photo is a symmetrical composition. Achieving this was rather easy because my group members and I were able to line up the chair with the lines on the floor. I also noticed that the lights in ceiling was … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

This is a photo in  which painting with light is displayed. I find this photo intriguing because you can see that the subject is interactive with the green light. It almost looks like it is the green that is causing … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting for Mood

This photo is shot with butterfly lighting and front light. The background is very light which usually calls for a playful expression. Event though this isn’t a very playful expression, the mood was successfully captured. I would say that the … Continue reading

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Side light Extension tube Grid Light  

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Alex Webb: Exhibition

Taking this photography class allowed for me to experience several locations throughout the city. One of these locations being Aperture which is located in Midtown, Manhattan. Aperture is a gallery which features works of well known photographers from around the … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

This photo is very interesting to me because it is very expressive. I like the fact that the woman is just doing her own thing and enjoying the moment. Her surroundings are buildings and a bridge which implies that there … Continue reading

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Midtown High View, Michael Kenna

This photograph is taken by Michael Kenna in 2006. It is a photo of Midtown, New York City. It is a black and white photo of the Midtown buildings during the night. I think this picture defines the idea of … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph?

A great photograph is when the viewer is able to interpret the photo and tell a story. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so being able to put words or meaning behind a photo makes it great. … Continue reading

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