City Tech Computer lab hours, Spring 2023

Dear MECH/IND students,

Please see the following message from City Tech Library.

Dr. Nakamura

Dear Colleagues, 

Attached are the Spring 2023 hours of operation of the college’s computer labs for spring 2023.  Please let your students know about these hours as well as the following resources, many newly available. We want our students to feel supported on campus, know they can borrow needed tools and where to find them, and to take advantage of the places to learn outside the classroom and collaborate with others. 

  1. Library
    1. short term laptop loaner program (1 week);
    2. headphone loans (1 day);
    3. small group study rooms that can be requested at the check-out desk;  
    4. computers and charging locations for bring-your-own-device study
  1. iTEC labs, G600 and V217
    1. technical support with BlackBoard and Schedule Builder (for registration);
    2. computers and tables with charging stations for bring-your-own-device study or group work;
    3. power cord loaner program;
    4. web cam loaner program for online instruction on campus
  1. Writing Center – now located in G608; enter through G600. Open house launch 2/14/23
  1. Learning Center, LG18
    1. technical support (Judy Rockway);
    2. Microsoft Office technical support.
    3. computers

Tutoring available Spring 2023

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Courses: EET 1122, MECH 2426, MECH 3501, MECH 3572 MECH 3672, IND 2304

Tutor: Leticia Donkor

Online: Skype ID: live:donkorleticia5
In-Person: V217

Thursday: 11:30am – 2:30pm (online)
Friday: 2pm – 5pm (V217)

Perkins Peer Advisement

Deadline February 28, 2023: CUNY Career Launch application for summer 2023 internships with the Mayor’s Office Public Engagement Unit

Dear Students,

We are pleased to let you know that the CUNY Career Launch application for summer 2023 internships with the Mayor’s Office Public Engagement Unit (PEU) is still open! The deadline has been extended to February 28, 2023! Please forward this email to at least one friend to let them know of this great opportunity. 

APPLY HERECUNY Career Launch (

  • Do you want to get paid $20/hour up to total of $2600 – $3400 for serving your community?
  • Do you want to boost your resume and future salary with real world experience? 
  • Do you meet program eligibility criteria such a 2.0 or above GPA?
  • Are you between 18 – 24 years old?
  • Do you want opportunities to improve your community by helping others?
  • Do you want to build your professional network with the Mayor’s Office Public Engagement Unit, hundreds of our community partners and two thousand other Career Launch interns?

Information Sessions: Please register for an upcoming info session to learn more:

Wednesday 2/22, 11 am

City Tech now leads the Mayor’s Office Public Engagement hub (PEU) for the CUNY Career Launch Initiative. We are specifically interested in recruiting students from all CUNY colleges who are interested in work related to social justice, government, and community outreach. Only students who apply to PEU internships (described as “grassroots organizing” in the application) can earn up to $3400 for the summer.

PEU internships, open to all majors, give students like you a chance to improve New York City’s future one person a time. To create healthy, caring, and resilient communities, students will conduct proactive in-person outreach to vulnerable New Yorkers in the community and connect them to important government benefits and neighborhood resources.

While making a difference in the lives of fellow New Yorkers, students like you also gain real-world experience and expand your transferable job skills such as leadership, communication, and confidence. While increasing your knowledge of social issues, PEU internships can help add valuable experience to your resume and expand your professional network as well.  We provide professional training and support to help you have a meaningful, paid summer internship!

Attached is a flyer. Here is the link to the website. The application and full list of eligibility requirements are here.  Again, the extended deadline is February 28, 2023.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


CUNY Career Launch & CUNY Service Corps @ City Tech
New York City College of Technology

Professional Development Center
300 Jay Street, L114
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Deadline March 3, 2023: Reminder: CUNY Scholarship Opportunity

 Dear MECH/IND students,

Please see the $ 5,000-a-year Scholarship opportunity for CUNY students.

Dr. Nakamura

February 15, 2023

Dear Colleague:
We are writing to ask you to please help spread the word among your students about the Belle Zeller Scholarship for Fall 2023. To date we have received very few or no applications from your college and we don’t want your students to miss this scholarship opportunity.
The program was established to provide scholarships for CUNY students to continue in CUNY undergraduate, graduate, and professional school programs. The scholarship eligibility includes completing at least 16 credits at a CUNY college, with a 3.75 GPA or better, and having performed significant community service. 
Each year, we have the privilege and the challenging task of choosing Belle Zeller Scholars from among the many distinguished applicants. Belle Zeller Scholars receive a scholarship in the amount of $5,000 a year. CUNY undergraduate students may receive the award for up to three years. Those attending the CUNY Graduate Center and Professional School will receive the award for one year, provided they continue to meet all criteria.
All applications can be found at and the deadline for receipt of all application materials, including the letters of recommendation is March 3, 2023. ď»żIf you have questions about the program, please email us at The Fund exists for the sole purpose of creating opportunities for CUNY students. Thank you in advance for your help in informing students about the Belle Zeller Scholarship program.

Jewel EscobarChairBelle Zeller Scholarship Trust FundBoard of Trustees

Welcome back to campus: Chocolate from MECH Professors to You (Valentine’s Week)

Dear MECH/IND students, 

Welcome back to school. We’ve finished the second week of the semester. 

During the pandemic, we couldn’t come to school but a lot of MECH/IND students (650 students) registered for the courses and come back to campus this semester. I’m glad that you start learning on campus again.

From today (2/8/2023) through 2/14/2023, I’ve started distributing a heart-shaped chocolate piece for all MECH/IND students as a project named “Valentine’s Day Chocolate Project (VDCP)”. On behalf of all MECH/IND professors, I would like to meet all of you in person and hand over the chocolate.  Please come to my office and grab a chocolate piece. 

You (as well as us [professors]) will keep learning MECH/IND contents to be excellent engineers/designers. While meeting on campus, please read the attached message card and go to the survey (QR code or below)

 ( )

Dr. Masato R. Nakamura,
Chair of the MECH/IND department 


MECH Department Advisement, Spring 2023

Online Advisement:

9-10am, Professor Nakamura
4-6pm Professor Rahman
—Zoon: TBD

9-10am, Professor Nakamura
2-4pm, Professor Gailani
—Zoom: TBD
4-6pm, Professor Brahimi

9-10am, Professor Nakamura
2-4pm, Professor Berri
—Zoom: TBD
4-6pm, Professor Yasar
—Zoom: TBD

9-9:30am, Professor Nakamura
2-4pm, Professor Xiao
4-6pm, Professor Vaisman
—Zoom: TBD

9-10am, Professor Nakamura
12-2pm, Professor Zhang
—Zoom: TBD
2-4pm, Professor Martinez
—Zoom: TBD

ASME Scholarships Deadline Feb. 16 – Free Money for City Tech students!

The ASME Scholarships online application is OPEN!

The Scholarship Application Deadline is February 16, 2023 so get started now and don’t miss out! ASME Scholarships are available for students studying mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering technology and closely related disciplines and with financial need.The ASME Foundation and ASME Auxiliary distributed over $586,000 in scholarships to over 160+ students for the 2022-23 academic year, and we want to keep it going! We have over 60+ scholarships through a universal application, and students can be awarded more than one. Don’t meet every single requirement?  ASME is dedicated to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive scholarship program. Even though you may not meet most of the requirements, we encourage you to apply as you may be the right student for our scholarship. Students must be An ASME student member to access the scholarship portal.

Scholarship Application Deadline is February 16, 2023To apply and get more info:
Questions? Need help with your Scholarship Application? If you have questions about the ASME Scholarship Program, eligibility or have other questions, meet with us during our open office hours! Register now and add the date to your calendar. 

Date Time Location
February 3, 2023 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST Zoom Session

Watch video tutorial for helpful tips to complete your application. A supplemental resource is also available.