Welcome back to campus: Chocolate from MECH Professors to You (Valentine’s Week)

Dear MECH/IND students, 

Welcome back to school. We’ve finished the second week of the semester. 

During the pandemic, we couldn’t come to school but a lot of MECH/IND students (650 students) registered for the courses and come back to campus this semester. I’m glad that you start learning on campus again.

From today (2/8/2023) through 2/14/2023, I’ve started distributing a heart-shaped chocolate piece for all MECH/IND students as a project named “Valentine’s Day Chocolate Project (VDCP)”. On behalf of all MECH/IND professors, I would like to meet all of you in person and hand over the chocolate.  Please come to my office and grab a chocolate piece. 

You (as well as us [professors]) will keep learning MECH/IND contents to be excellent engineers/designers. While meeting on campus, please read the attached message card and go to the survey (QR code or below)

 ( https://forms.gle/5o5H8et19BNNpZvw5 )

Dr. Masato R. Nakamura,
Chair of the MECH/IND department 



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