SureStart Virtual AI Learning Program (VAIL) Spring 2023

Dear MECH&IND students,

Are you interested in being AI and Machine Learning Trainee? 7 students from MECH department with $5000 will be awarded to SureStart Virtual AI Learning Program (VAIL) Spring 2023. Please see the message from Mr. Bradley David Burford, President’s office.

If you are interested in, please put your info here:

Dr. Nakamura


This is a follow-up to our meeting on 9/20/22 with Surestart in which we discussed faculty providing student recommendations for SureStart Virtual AI Learning Program (VAIL) Spring 2023 program.

Public Affairs and Partnerships have secured 9 seats for the three departments represented:

 Â·      Computer Systems Technology

·      Mechanical Engineering

·      Computer Engineering

Surestart has requested 7 recommendations from each department as they will consider up to 12 additional students from City Tech if they are exceptional for a total of up to 21 seats! The cost of 5k per student was paid by a Surestart funder. There are no costs for the student or City Tech. 
Students selected for the 5-week intensive will also be assigned Surestart mentors and will continue to work with students through the summer on resume and career development skills.  Surestart will work with its corporate partners to secure opportunities for the best-performing students over summer 2023.      Recommendations are due by Monday, December 12, 2022 COB.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Bradley David Burford

Mujin Corp, Robotics Company hires students for a full-time and internship positions

Dear MECH&IND students,

Mujin, a Robotics company is looking for students who are interested in engineering positions and internship opportunities. Please visit the site.

Dr. Nakamura


Robotics for a better, more creative and innovative world

Our teachless controller makes robots more intelligent and easy to use. The result? More prolific and capable robots.

We’re starting in the warehouse, helping logistics operations address major long-term challenges finding and retaining labor. Because when robots take on dirty, tedious or dangerous tasks, available labor can be deployed more effectively.

But we’re not stopping there. We believe in a future where endeavors of any size can reap the benefits of intelligent automation.

Apply now: ASME scholarships over $586,000 to 160+ students in scholarships for the 2022-23 academic school year

Dear MECH&IND studetns,

Please see the scholarship opportunities from ASME.

Dr. Nakamura


We would like to ask you to circulate information about the ASME Scholarships available to your students studying mechanical engineering and closely related discipline and encourage them to apply.  

We distributed over $586,000 to 160+ students in scholarships for the 2022-23 academic school year and would like to continue to help more students for next fall enrollments, September 2023-24. We have over 60+ scholarships with one application to apply, and students can be awarded more than one scholarship. The Online Application is NOW OPEN. 

Among all the ASME Scholarships, the John Rice Memorial Scholarship – ASME Metropolitan Section, is earmarked for a student attending a school in the New York City metropolitan area, such as your institution.  

The award recipients will be selected on scholastic ability, character, integrity, leadership, and potential contribution to the mechanical engineering profession.  

Students must be:  

  • An ASME student member  
  • Be a full-time student enrolled at an ABET accredited program 
  • And have a financial need  

More details about the scholarships can be found at

December 18, 2022: CUNY Bloomberg Launch program (internship)

Dear MECH&IND students

Dr. Karrin E. Wilks, Chief Learning Officer of New York Jobs CEO Council and Alexis at Bloomberg share the CUNY Bloomberg Launch program which is a two-week internship for CUNY students who are interested in analytics such as simulation/modeling. Please see below.


Dr. Nakamura


Bloomberg is launching it’s fourth iteration of CUNY Bloomberg Launch program. Please see additional details and links to apply here. Can I ask for you to please share with CUNY students and faculty?

What is Bloomberg Launch? Bloomberg Launch is a two-week program that introduces CUNY students and recent graduates to Bloomberg, highlighting our main business areas seeking entry-level talent.  Following this immersive program, participants will interview for internships or full-time roles. For more details on the program please click here.

Who is eligible to apply? 

  • 2024 graduates are able to apply to Analytics and Sales summer internship. 
  • 2023 graduates and earlier are able to apply to one of the full-time opportunities. CUNY alumni are welcome to apply as well! 

Deadline to apply is 11:59 PM EST December 18, 2022. Links can be found on website here under the Apply tab. 

Please reach out with any questions. I hope that you enjoy the holidays!

Best, Alexis