SureStart Virtual AI Learning Program (VAIL) Spring 2023

Dear MECH&IND students,

Are you interested in being AI and Machine Learning Trainee? 7 students from MECH department with $5000 will be awarded to SureStart Virtual AI Learning Program (VAIL) Spring 2023. Please see the message from Mr. Bradley David Burford, President’s office.

If you are interested in, please put your info here:

Dr. Nakamura


This is a follow-up to our meeting on 9/20/22 with Surestart in which we discussed faculty providing student recommendations for SureStart Virtual AI Learning Program (VAIL) Spring 2023 program.

Public Affairs and Partnerships have secured 9 seats for the three departments represented:

 ·      Computer Systems Technology

·      Mechanical Engineering

·      Computer Engineering

Surestart has requested 7 recommendations from each department as they will consider up to 12 additional students from City Tech if they are exceptional for a total of up to 21 seats! The cost of 5k per student was paid by a Surestart funder. There are no costs for the student or City Tech. 
Students selected for the 5-week intensive will also be assigned Surestart mentors and will continue to work with students through the summer on resume and career development skills.  Surestart will work with its corporate partners to secure opportunities for the best-performing students over summer 2023.      Recommendations are due by Monday, December 12, 2022 COB.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Bradley David Burford