1. Select “HR/Campus Solutions”
  2. Select “Reporting Tools”
  3. Select “Query”
  4. Select “Query Viewer”
  5. In the empty box, enter: CU_SR_CLASS_SCHED_DATA_ORIG
    Note: This is NOT case sensitive; you may enter it in lowercase letters
  6. Select “Search”
  7. When the “Search Results” appear, select “Excel” under “Run to Excel”; a new window
    will open
  8. Enter the correct criteria (not case sensitive):
    a. Academic Institution – NYT01
    b. Term – select term
    c. Subject – select subject
    d. Career ‐ UGRD
  9. Select “View Results”; a new window will open
  10. Select either “Open” or “Save” and follow any subsequent prompts

Class consultation (Fall 2020)

Dear MECH full-time and adjunct faculty,

I hope you enjoy the end of this semester. We are now concentrating on the wrapping up and final exams. This semester is the first full-online semester and there were/still are a lot of challenges in terms of technical issues, organizing class, keeping class motivation, encourage students during the lecture in the class.

I’d like to have an opportunity, named class consultation, that you would talk to me/share your experience and discuss how we can provide a better learning environment for MECH students, next semester.

I know this first online semester is very different from a regular in-person/hybrid semester. This is the reason that we need to discuss this as the class consultation rather than class observation/evaluation. I’d like to meet all of you individually, in a personal zoom room (the virtual chair’s office).

Could you all book a slot that works for you. It will be a 15-minute slot (if you need more time you can book another 15 minutes: total 30min).

See you in the zoom zoom.

Masa Nakamura

ASME Scholarships for Students

Dear students,

ASME Scholarships are available for you. Please see the following message from the ASME Engineering Education and Outreach Office.

Dr. Nakamura


Undergraduate Student Application Deadline: February 18, 2021
Graduate Student Application Deadline: March 4, 2021
High School Senior Application Deadline: March 16, 2021

We are starting to promote and disseminate information about the next 2021-22 academic school year for the ASME Scholarships and we would like your help to get the word out about the available scholarships encouraging students to apply. We have up to $400,000 in awards to be given away. The Online Application is NOW OPEN

In addition to all the ASME Scholarships, the John Rice Memorial Scholarship – ASME Metropolitan Section, is available to students attending schools in the New York City metropolitan area such as your institution. 

The award recipient will be selected on the basis of scholastic ability, character, integrity, leadership, and potential contribution to the mechanical engineering profession. 

Students must be: 

An ASME student member 
Be a Full-time student enrolled at an ABET accredited institution 
And have a financial need 

More details about the scholarships can be found at

As an academic mentor, you could also serve as a recommender for one or more of your potential students that are eligible to apply for the ASME Scholarships. 

Kindly take a few moments to spread the word by sharing through some of the proposed outlets: newsletters, social media, personalize emails, virtual meetings and any other forms of communication that you have with your networks/students and others in your circle. 

We appreciate your consideration and attention to support the ASME Scholarships program.