My name is Malik Dupree. I’m currently a full time college student at City Tech and I’m majoring in graphic design also known as communication design. I live in Brooklyn, New York. My goal is to get my bachelors and masters in graphic design. Afterwards work for a well-known company or freelance by myself.

As for personal hobbies I like photography a lot (I’m still learning) but I find it interesting because you can express your feelings or ideas in one photo and share them with people. I also like to watch anime (basically Japanese-based animated TV shows) they are good to watch from time to time. Lastly I’m a little in to sports mostly football and basketball. If you were to ask me my favorite team I would say the New England Patriots Football team and Clippers basketball team. If we have similar things in common I would not mind being friends at all.

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  1. I love your header and how it represents iconic places in Brooklyn. It’s pretty clear how much you love Brooklyn considering how big the image is and how many additional images are represented within it.

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