Entry 2: Ethical Reasoning

My answer to both questions A&B:

With regards to the Fairey Copyright case, whenever I use someone else’s work, I make sure to credit the person for such projects. However, when reviewing the Fairey Copyright case I never really took into account how important it is to get permission from the artist/designer. While reading the case, I believe that Fairey could have avoided all of this if he would’ve just asked permission from The Associated Press for use of the image. During my internship, I remember I had to email certain artist for their head shots to be use in an article instead of blatantly taking it off of the web to avoid a copyright claim. It also didn’t help Fairey when he tempered with the evidence in order to solve this problem, it only escalated it further. I believe every artist/designer should be credited for the work that they produce no matter what and for anyone to try make profit off of that work just shows how unprofessional they are.

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Ethical Issues in the Graphic Design Business


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