Design Project 2

Out of the many celebrity articles I’ve design for Observer, I would say this piece is one of my favorites. The article was about the Oscars and where it’s heading in the future. When doing this piece I got inspired by movie posters of how they have the subjects place. Superhero movie posters are a great example. I wanted it to feel impactful and symmetrical. When I finished this piece, I have received complements from a few of the staff.  Hearing that, made me feel accomplished and assured with what I made.

This collage that I’ve done for another article would be my second favorite design I’ve done for the celebrity section of This piece is about Hollywood developing new blockbuster franchises with new superheroes/concepts to better attract box office dollars. As requested they wanted me to make a collage utilizing characters from certain movie titles such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Fast & Furious. Overall, my supervisor liked my color scheme and placement of each subject.

A City Tech OpenLab ePortfolio