Design Project 3

Along with doing photo collages out of well-known celebrities and politicians, my supervisor also assigns me on the task of creating collages out of products. Out of the many articles I’ve design for Observer, I would say this piece is one of my favorites and I had a lot of fun with this piece. This article was about luggage products and which ones are trendy. I felt very inspired by the ADs that I see from Target in terms of their product photography so I used that as inspiration. When creating this, I wanted to play around with complementary colors and patterns.

This collage that I’ve done for another product related article would be my second favorite design that I’ve made in terms of how I planned out the color scheme and overall layout of how I placed the images. I wanted this piece to feel minimal but still be able to show off the luggage and its use. I feel like everything in this set works and my supervisor was very pleased on how it came out as well.

A City Tech OpenLab ePortfolio