Design Project 4

Out of the many political articles I’ve design for Observer, I would say this piece is one of my favorites. This piece was about Alex Jones. One of the staff put in special request to do something with a TV as well since its about him and his involvement on television. I decided to play around with composition and placement. I thought why not have him appear coming out of the TV. To add some texture to this piece, I decided to add diagonal yellow stripes. Overall I am happy with the outcome of this design. The staff member who sent me this request loved it as well and that made feel proud.

This collage that I’ve done for another political related article that would be my second favorite design that I’ve made. This piece was about putting together a simple Nancy Pelosi vs. Donald Trump seeing how there has been friction between the two in certain situations. I feel like I demonstrated that pretty well in this piece with bold complementary colors and a lighting fuse in the middle of them to show that friction between them. My supervisor approved this piece and stated that this is really cool.

A City Tech OpenLab ePortfolio