CDMG 1111: Cooper Hewitt Museum

The Cooper Hewitt museum which is located in the upper east side of Manhattan was a thrill to me mainly because I have never heard or been there before. When I first arrived there with the rest of my classmates and professor, I was given a jumbo sized pen that was meant to collect the art work digitally to the pen. The reason for that  feature to exist, is so that people can view the art work that they collected when they got home from their interesting trip from the museum. The pixar exhibit was very interesting because you get to see all the character development/designs along with other art work with it. I also like chairs that they had on the ground level. At first glance they don’t look like ordinary chairs that you sit on everyday but when you sit on it, it gives off this playful energy and by that I mean you have the urge to spin around in it non-stop until you fall out of it.

My trip to the Cooper Hewitt museum was very inspirational. I loved all the art work and design displayed in the museum. I am very grateful that my professor took the time to take me to such a wonderful museum. I would love to come here again with friends and family to let them enjoy this experience.





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