Post 5: Time

Back in the bad old days when computers took a long time to load and you had to be a computer programer to understand what was happening, waiting on things was a norm. In fact programs were written to use less memory. Today we don’t really care as much about how much memory programs take simply because we have more processing power. Its funny that even thought we have more processing power we started messing up with how users would use the device. The user interface is something that is reality simple to make, compared to all the back end stuff but its also the simplest to mess up simple because people interact with things differently. The easiest way to shrink the time a user interacts with an interface would to have less options while still get the user from point A to point B. Having a machine make choices for a user would help the process go by faster only if the user knew what the computer was gonna do otherwise it will just result in frustration of the user. When I use to listen to music on my old phone, I would have to unlock it in order to switch songs. On my new phone I just have to turn on the screen and i am able to switch the song without unlocking my phone.

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