HW 5

How can we shrink time when a user interacts with an interface?

We can shrink the time by improving the navigation time used to get to the specific content the user wants. one example is the iPod. You can access your favorite songs with the touch of one button. There is no need to scroll through anything.

What do you think about letting a machine make choices for you?

I have no problem with a machine making choices for me if it only made small choices, or those that I consider to be everyday choices. I would not be able to let a machine make a choice that would affect me on a larger scale, like a life or death decision.

What is one way you’ve figured out how to save time?

One way I feel I save time is by doing something while traveling from one place to another. I feel I get stuff done when I do reading for school while riding the train to and from school.

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