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Interestingly enough the authors analogy of waiting for a web page to load, is comparable to road rage. Which leads me in my own frustration with use of the internet. So much so I’m coining the phrase Cyber-Rage. Pretty much its occurrence from slow uploading/downloading speeds leads me to want to verbally and physically attack this inanimate/inorganic machine, of which half of my day is spent on.  I agree that in today’s world time is definitely more precious than money.  This need for efficiency has a great influence on how we create technology.  For example last night I downloaded an new app for my android phone called Dolphin Companion.  This app in short saves battery life on mobile phones and or tablets.  The major complaints today for cell phones is battery life (time used).  It turns out the app was a file management application that took control of my settings and preference and catered them around my usage as to increase my efficiency and power by 30%.  As much as I’m grateful for this app app there are other app that do more than whats required.  for example when you download an app by accepting the terms your agreeing to expose location, caller info personal data etc.  Especially file management apps send your data back to corporations.  This is unacceptable and dangerous for as time is expensive, so is information.  Identity theft is not only on a rise but is happening to large corporations gathering your info from these apps and company security being breached.  Our impatience and laziness as a society cost us more when our identities are stolen. In my own experience in the corporate arena I found that the best way in dealing with waiting examples of internet usage was simply time management by means of multitasking my assignments.  Instead of allowing idle time to pass while waiting for uploads/downloads I revert my energy to another task ergo alleviating my frustration.  Or I would pass the buck to someone else as it has been pass to me.  I call this the circle of laziness.  The article stated for manufacturing technology to shrink time by saving time or staying in line with the flow of time which ever cost less to implement wins.

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