Working with Other Volunteers!

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Having a remote job is beneficial to me and many others where we can sit and work from the comfort of our own homes. Now since everyone is not in the same state we also need to work on timing and setting up when the best time could be. We had meetings on Mondays or Wednesdays whoever can join but the time zone was also a part as well and we found out that some work on Wednesdays and others Mondays. We finally had a time when most of the volunteer was set on a random Tuesday morning which worked out for most of us.

We weren’t the only interns on board with this sweepstake other technical volunteers and marketers/planners were as well. Now working with others also improved my ability to work with others as a group and also my time management when we are delivering it as well. I had worked on recently producing an arrow with vibrant colors for the sweepstakes so we can add music and sound to use it as a graphic for it. One of my classmates is also working on this graphical arrow to have it animated to show the arrow going forward to symbolize how they can give forward.