Taking on a Challenging Project


Now the internship I was given is actually a semester-long project which consists of marketing strategies as you go along. The project consists of finding 200 nonprofits in Alaska to list as possible entries for the sweepstakes so the winner received $10,000 and $1,000 will be going to the nonprofit that will be chosen when you enter. There is one of two ways to enter the website through donation or a free entry by signing up. Now we also have to get all the information such as website URL, contact information, their social media as well. Then we move forward to getting 200 logos to turn into SVGs which are scalable vector graphics to upload to CMPP to convert on the website so the logo will pop up when you choose the nonprofit you will be supporting.

Now, this is not easy but a challenge, and realizing there are a lot of nonprofits in Alaska and finding the right ones that will be active and for a great cause. We are then finding large influencers to promote the sweepstakes with any graphic design or copywriting that is created to help people join this sweepstake.