Working with a New Software?


                                        Source: Nimble©

We all know working with new software that everyone is new to can be difficult but very achievable to learn quickly. As we go along with finding the 200 nonprofits, we are using the new software Nimble which is a CRM to manage any contact/company information in one place. Not only this saves time but also organizes all the company’s information so that we can contact them on the platform as well. This is also collaborative where all members of the company can upload into Nimble and all contact information will be displayed there.

At first not knowing too much we manually uploaded from excel all the information for each company onto Nimble. Even though Nimble has a way to put the Excel sheet into Nimble, I had just listed the names of the company and the websites of the 200 first then go along with finding the rest of the information all while getting the logos into SVGs. This part of the project is lengthy and time-consuming but going along well! Having another classmate join the same internship also helps while we ask each other questions and also get more insights on how to get information to start graphical work.