Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Paul Rand -IBM

After watching and reading “How to design an enduring logo: Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand An article with 2 embedded videos” I thought he was a strict designer when it came to critiquing him, as he did not give people design options. He gave people a single presentation or a single piece of what he thought to be a good recommendation. As it was also mention in the video “he didn’t want to hear if he didn’t like it he would say you hired me to do it and I’m telling you this is what you should use”, I really noticed that he was a genius and also detail oriented designer unlike Paula Scher she was a freestyle designer who went with the flow, he is way organized than her. As I remember she was more of a doodler and she made the Citi Bank Logo on a napkin even though Rand is the exact opposite of her he used to be more complex for example the IBM logo had more effort, study and thinking(research) done into it.

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  1. Sumaiyah Yasin

    I agree – I also got the feeling that Paula Scher was more “free”, more open to other ideas and more creative in her design process with the doodling, where-as Rand thought more mathematically. At least that’s how it seems.

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