Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Paul Rand

After reading and watching “How to design an enduring logo: Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand”, i found out that Paul Rand was a very detail-oriented designer who loved to play around with logos using different variations until it was perfect in his eyes.For example, it took him 10 years before coming up with the strip on the IBM logo he wanted to make sure the detail and the conceptual thinking of both the client and consumers would get it and it must has did the job because the logo has remained untouched since then. Paul Rand said “A great piece of design catches your attention with a certain amount of surprise” and i feel he did that with the playful and witty a witty rebus poster Eye-Bee-M; it was simple symbols along with the letter M from his original logo, his quote really summed up the poster.

When Rand designed a logo for a company he only focused on creating one logo and fine tuning it  instead of coming up with multiple ideas to present to a client. However, he made up for the single designed logo by also creating booklets that showed how the logo would look on different spreads,he wanted to make sure that his logo worked in every thinkable application like stationeries,ads and packaging.Paul Rand made sure his clients couldn’t say no as he said “You hired me to do it , im telling you this is what you should use” he didn’t want to hear if the client didn’t like it so he made sure they did; wow is all i can say his level of experience and his value for precision made him the M.V.P in the graphic design world.

I feel when it comes to Paul Rand and Paula Scher they take designing anything seriously and have pays attention to  details but Paul Rand doesn’t like to create a logo in 20 seconds he wants to create it ,research it ,play with it in different variations until it fits both what he wants for the company and for the clients. Paula Scher is different when it comes to designing. She can design a logo in 20 seconds and still have the same effect as Paul Rands designs. Both Paul and Paula are great designers but their experiences have taught them to look at things a certain way.


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  1. Fernanda Cajas

    Im glad you brought up the point of when Paul Rand creates something, he will not make several versions of it. Instead he will just show how the logo he created will work regardless of what platform it is placed on. I personally, agree with him in wanting to just create on design because one should have that certainty that their design is the best one. Although, this, I’m sure, took time to master. I hope to one day get to this point where once I design something, I could be like, “YES! this is the one!” and hopefully the client accepts it too.

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