Mentor Text analysis- Karem, Ali

Mentor text:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hooks the reader by using a question in the hook and talking about children who walk up to her. The text incorporates research all throughout the introduction and the body. It uses research to talk about how many females were in law school and what percentage of women were part of the general counsel. Ruth Bader Ginsburg does use outside sources and statistics also. The text incorporates storytelling by talking about how kids were walking up to her as a kid and asking her questions. Also by talking about what Ruth wanted to be as a kid. I notice that the paragraphs in the text are all sections. The text is four pages long. The audience is young women and children. I think this because she wants them to know that they can be anything they want no matter their gender. The text comes to an end with Ruth talking about how women now have all types of occupations and can do everything that men can. I think the message is that no matter what gender you are you can achieve anything you want if you just put in the time and effort. I will try and emulate how Ruth hooked the reader. I will try and do this by asking a question that gets the reader’s attention. I will try and avoid repeating myself. I will do this by only using a certain sentence once and not repeating it over and over.

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