Outline (+Intro Par) Op-Ed —Migdalia Rivera


    Did you ever feel students had it easy during the coronavirus pandemic ? In March 2020 a deadly epidemic hit billions of people around the world causing the world to go on shut down. During this shutdown schools and non-essential places were closed down. Students went from in person learning to remote in a matter of seconds. It took 4 days for a decision to be made for schools to be shut down. Students usually go through stress because of school before the pandemic but because of the pandemic it has worsened. The controversy between in person and virtual learning is burtal now. Between wanting to be safe and healthy and methods of learning. Students are now saying virtual learning was a mistake and lock down was a dark hole. Statistics have shown over the 2.6 million students who started college in fall 2019, 26.1 percent, or roughly 679,000, didn’t come back in 2020.

Personal narrative :

  • In 2020 I was in High school when coronavirus first started
  • I questioned remote learning.


-Never to give up.

-Do what’s best for you and works for you.


-students are dropping out of college at high rates because they’re overworked or don’t understand.

-People are abandoning students mental’s health.




My message is to encourage students to speak up on their struggles during coronavirus.

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