Mentor text analysis- jennifer

“We Are Not Part of the Virus But We Are Part of the Cure.” By Andrew Yang.

Andrew Yang hooked the audience by showing us a scene instead of telling us. He described his scenery in a very detailed way. Instead of just telling us that he was ashamed of being Asian, he showed us the moment it happen, in the parking lot, 3 men were together and one of them looked at him and frowned. There is research starting in paragraph 3. Yang talks about how Asian Americans were being verbally attacked more often, he includes percentages also to show how much this issue has increased. The text includes storytelling because Yang tells us how he was running for president in early February and also he’s an entrepreneur. He claims he doesn’t do well with negative responses. He wants to find a way to embrace Asian Americans’ American-ness to prove to people that Asian arent a part of the Coronavirus. I like the way the text is laid out. Yang starts a new paragraph every time the scene changes or he has a different idea. The text is 744 words and 1.5 pages long. They believe the audience is Asian Americans because, in the end, Yang states, “We are not the virus, but we can be part of the cure.” The word we mean him and Asian Americans. Throughout the text, he also talks about a lot of hate towards Asian Americans. The text ends by empowering Asian Americans to stand up and embrace that they are also American and that they can be part of the cure. The message yang is trying to convey is that there is no reason for hatred toward Asian Americans and that they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are. Aspects I will emulate throughout my project are getting quotes and sources to better prove my point of view to my audience. Some aspect I will avoid is dragging my point. I tend to have an idea and talk too much about it that I lose track of what I’m saying. I will try to shorten what I have to say, get straight to the point while being detailed at the same time. 

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