Outline (Poem) – Mamadu Jalloh

I will Categories my poem into two sections one half would present the issues Muslims faced during the pandemic and the second would call for the action of assisting each other.

Stanza 1: I will introduce the idea Muslims faced major problems during the pandemic.

Stanza 2: I will present how some muslims would fast for hours with no food or water to break their fast during Ramadan.

Stanza 3: Present information of discrimination faced with vaccinations by Palestinians in Isreal.

Stanza 4: Present the idea Muslims more fortunate should help those who are less fortunate because they are brothers(sisters) in Faith, And Non Muslims should also participate because they are brothers(sisters) in Humanity.

Stanza 5: End with a message for Muslims to be grateful, even though they are in an unfortunate situation others may be experiencing worse. They should emit qualities of perseverance and patience during these unfortunate times.

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