Our Stories Project Assignment–extra credit

Becoming a College Student

Participate in Our Stories, a project from the First Year Learning Community!

Think about your past few weeks of starting as a City Tech student.  Was there a special moment that stands out in your mind?

Write a story about your transition to college, the process of becoming comfortable, and finding a sense of community at City Tech.  Think about any experience during your first weeks of the semester:  your classes, study groups, or the special circumstances of the online environment.  How did you feel?  What were your struggles?  What did you learn?

You will post (not here on our site) on the First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) site.  Here is the link

Becoming a College Student

When you go to the link, you can also read interesting stories of other City Tech students who are writing in the Our Stories project.  You may find that whatever troubles you have experienced, you are not alone. Join the community!    

I am not grading these stories. However, I will give extra credit for participating.