Project Proposal-Alexander David

Research question is how has Lego as a company and a toy aided people during this pandemic?

I’m gonna show people that where is more to Lego then just a company making kids toys since then 1900’s. Lego has transformed from a simple toy factory to a plethora of other occupations.

For me showing people that big companies don’t only care about money and seeing there customers as just bill. They really have good intentions and want to give back to the people.

The genre I’m planning on use is poetry and tell Lego story thought a story with very interesting details.

I want to let people that always have something hateful to say about big companies see the truth of how generous and kind Lego as a whole empire can be.

The truth is people are very stubborn so they might not change their minds but as long as I can change someone opinion about big companies then I believe I’ve done enough.

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