Mentor Text Analysis — YOUR NAME

Use these Questions to write your Mentor Text Analysis.  You are doing an analysis of its structure (NOT CONTENT).  Write ONE paragraph.

  • How does the text HOOK the audience? INTRO.
  • Where does the text incorporate research? How does it use research? Does it quote outside sources, use statistics, use experts, refer to history?
  • How does the text incorporate storytelling (or narrative)?
  • What do you notice about the text visually (imagery, color, layout)?
  • If the text has audio, what do you notice about the text auditorily (music, background sounds, voice-over)?
  • Length: How long is the text – words, pages, minutes?
  • Who is the audience? What makes you think this? (Consider language, music, visuals, content.)
  • How does the text come to an end? CLOSURE.
  • What do you think the message is?
  • What aspects will you emulate (look up the word) in your project? How will you do this?
  • What aspects will you avoid in your project? How will you do this?

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