Project Proposal – Haileson Dover

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted and changed living costs in NYC?

I want to show people of my age the present issues society is facing with housing in NYC. As the future of the city, we can’t “live” in the city with the current economic situation.

My target audience is the future of New York which consists of people my age and people who are considering living in New York or are considering moving out and going into the next chapters of their lives.

The genre I chose to do is a photo essay detailing the visual change of New York City and the many changes that have occurred since the pandemic started. This will help get my point across while showing the change that has taken place over these couple years.

I plan to start by going around the city and photographing different areas that have had major changes since the start of the pandemic including by our own school. Then from there Ill write my explanation of each photo to then tie it back into my question.

The biggest concern I have is having the ability to find photos of certain areas from before the pandemic. I may have to focus on major areas and the significant change there instead of local ones.

2 thoughts on “Project Proposal – Haileson Dover”

  1. We both chose to use the same genre so hopefully we can help each other out. And share similar concerns of not being able to control the content we need for our projects.

  2. Your proposal is about HOUSING specifically, yes? I think you should say this in your proposal.

    Will you give explanation of the buildings you photograph?

    IS this arranged by theme or Narrative — Look at the Assignment on How to Do a Photo Essay.

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