Project Proposal — Karem Ali

My research question is how did Joe Rogan’s misinformation affect the people who listened and believed him. I want to teach my audience how bad misinformation can be and especially on a topic such as the coronavirus. I also would like to teach my audience not to believe everything you hear and you should listen to more qualified people such as doctors. The audience that I ‘am targeting here is mostly teens and young adults. I chose to target this audience because, I feel like teens and young adults are most people that listen to the podcast and would believe what Joe is saying. The genre that I have chosen would be a Op-Ed piece. I have chosen this genre because, I would like to give my opinion on the topic and say how I feel. I also would like to do this genre because, I also listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and feel like I can relate to the people who believed it. I plan to get started by doing some research on the topic first and finding good articles about it. I also plan to get started by finding what Joe had said about the virus and what he was wrong about.

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