Project Proposal-Patricia Lorquet

My research question is :How has the CV pandemic impacted and changed the dropping of the mask mandate? The message that I want to tech my audience is that although the mask mandate has been dropped covid 19 is still out there and the new cases are coming up every day. It’s so dangerous that they even had to come up with the booster shot, not wearing the mask will only make the spread more effective and dangerous. The audience that I’m trying to reach are the people that agree with the mandate being dropped also the people that haven’t wear their mask since the beginning of this pandemic. The genres that I’m deciding on are the short fiction story and the interview. This is because I can come up with a short fiction story to show how dangerous it is to not wear a mask and to show that dropping the mask mandate was a bad idea. I can also do an interview to show how the people in my life are affected by this and get their opinions of how they feel in their workplace such as my aunt is a nurse, my dad is a school bus driver and my mom is a teacher aid and they’ll have to deal with either students or patients and children that don’t wear their mask either in a school building or a hospital. My plan for if I’m going to do a short story is to talk about a nurse that has to deal with patients with a deadly zombie disease that was created by a high school student nerd by accident and go off from there. Or if I’m going to do the interview I would like to make my family members wear their work uniforms and I’d ask them a couple of questions that I’ll later on come up with. Something that would affect me by not finishing the project on time would probably be me getting carried away with the story or the planning of the interview also not finishing the research before the project.

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  1. I do agree that your audience should be the people who agree that the mask mandate should be dropped because this is a deadly disease to some. People who do not wear mask are the ones who are now commonly spreading the Corona virus virus even with the vaccine , the vaccine does not stop the spread of Covid only tries to help you to not go into the hospital. I like that you’re going to interview your aunt and dad I think they’ll have so much knowledge and personal opinions on this topic.

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