Project Proposal-Migdalia Rivera

 My research question – How does the coronavirus pandemic have a negative effect on students mental health? I would like to teach my audience how the corona virus pandemic has effected students. The audience I’m targeting is families and teachers. Families and teachers are usually the ones around the students especially during the start of the corona virus pandemic. Depression and anxiety has risen since march 2020 for students because of schools and for being at home isolated. The genre I would like to work on would be a Op-Ed piece, I’ve chosen this genre to give my opinions on why the corona virus pandemic has effect students. Coming from a college students her self who just has just transition from high school I feel like it is important to speak on it. I think this will engage people more into Op-ed. My first step will be to find a reliable out let like The New York Times and the Washington Post. I’ll try to compare march 2020 to now as a students and how are students are doing now. My concern about this project is that I’ll say too much of my opinions instead of the students or whoever and ill lose the main focus.

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  1. Migdalia:

    You can rely on what you learned in your RAB. You can use that information to build your case that mental health of students has declined because of the pandemic. You will of course put your own opinion; this is what an op ed is for: for a writer state her opinion on a topic, to argue for her perspective, to persuade her readers to believe her view point, to call upon her readers to act on an important issue.

    Prof. Wu

  2. Would it be possible to ask students in high school/college about this topic then use their words as your source in you op-ed? Does your information have to come from articles on the internet. I really look forward to reading your piece.

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