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I wanna teach how being isolated from others and the world-changing so quickly can have a great effect on teens’ mental health. The audience I am targeting is teachers, professors, school staff, and family members. They are always the ones around teens or even children almost all the time, they have the power to make sure the kids are okay. The genre I am choosing is an Op-Ed for the NY Times. Being a teenager myself, I can say my opinions are valid is what I have to say because I have personally experienced depression and anxiety mainly during the pandemic. To get started, I plan on doing some research and trying to find other op-ed’s on teens with mental health to sort of get others’ opinions agreeing with what I’m saying. As of right, the only worry I have is not finding the right research to support what I have to say. Other than that I think I’m fine. 

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  1. dear Jennifer ,
    I do have the same concern that I wont find the right resource. I agree as a teenager your opinion does matter, I think a Op-ed would work out great for you !

  2. Jennifer,

    You have done the research. Remember you just did an RAB!

    Remember the Unit 3 COMES OUT OF YOUR UNIT 2 work. PLEASE read the Assignmnent again! Read it carefully.

    Prof. Wu

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