RAB source entry #1- Kendra Larosiliere

“There’s No Easy Fix for Children’s Weight Gain” by Perri Klass,M.D. Published Jan. 25, 2021

Main– Children are being affected mentally because of happy innocence of feeling comfortable in his or her body and stress being at home everyday.

Detail- “not to mention sports and other activities that used to give structure to the day and mark off some no-eating zones. Economic hardships and curtailed grocery shopping may be limiting some families’ ability to make healthy food choices.”

Summary- Doctors say that kids are basically stress eating due to them having a rough time during this pandemic. Also proves that there is increased food insecurity . There are so many factors that lead to children’s stress such as screen time . When the pandemic started children had to become remote for school . Which gave them a lot of screen time, not being able to focus then lead to snacking and irregular sleep time. Doctors say even during this hard time congratulate their children for healthy behaviors and good decisions .

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  1. dear Kendra ,
    great topic , I understand how screen time can effect children eating habits . I also gained a lot of weight when coronavirus pandemic when I was doing remote learning .

  2. Kendra: This unfinished! Please read and follow insturctions in Annoucnements.

    REad HOw to Write a Summary
    Read my example RAB on “Spit on Yelled at…”

    So much you need to do.

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