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MLA citation- Klass, P. (2020, August 24). Young adults’ pandemic mental health risks. The New York Times. Retrieved April 3, 2022, from https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/24/well/family/young-adults-mental-health-pandemic.html 

Summary- Many young adults are suffering from anxiety and depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to students being isolated and alone for a long period, they start to ponder and think about what they will be doing with their lives. Many are confused and lost. The pandemic doesn’t help with this situation at all because everything has now changed. Percentages and rates of anxiety and depression have been going up but young adults being away from everyone, alone in a room, does not help these percentages go down. Many young adults now who get taken to the hospital by their parents are for injuries that happened due to a decrease in their mental health, for example, suicide attempts. All a parent needs to do is ask if their child is okay. This can help so many of us kids feel better or even feel like we have someone we can talk to without being judged or we know they care about how we feel. 

Reflection: I have learned that many teenagers and young adults go through the same things such as depression, anxiety, and, overthinking. A question I have is, why don’t parents see what their child is going through. Especially now, during covid and all these viruses and the world-changing, it’s hard for a teenager to keep up with school and work and all other things, as a parent the easiest thing they can do is ask if we’re okay, it can increase a young adult’s mental health in a positive way. I agree with what the author presents because everything she talks about, I have felt before. A little bit of depression, lots of anxiety, and overthinking. Some other information I can research is are there any other reasons for the cause of depression and anxiety other than being isolated? Why does isolation have such a big impact on us? This document proves to me how much the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted teens/young adults’ mental health. 

Klass used numbers and percentages to show how much the pandemic impacted the mental health of young adults. This helps show us how bad it really is rather than just saying “the covid-19 pandemic has made percentages in depression and anxiety increase.” The purpose of this article was to show and tell everyone how even if you aren’t physically sick because of the corona, you can still be sick mentally due to all the changes during the pandemic. This article does make sense for what the author wants to accomplish. The article was informative and current which is what an article usually accomplishes. I know this is a credible author and source because next to the authors’ name, he has “M.D” which means a doctor of medicine, he definitely knows what he’s talking about and I can trust him. This article was also published on one of the biggest news website pages. 

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  1. Good! I can tell you worked hard on this!

    Summary is good. Can you get the Author, TItle , MI in the first sentence? That would be better.

    where is your Part 4 Quotables?

  2. Hey Jennifer, I can really relate to your piece. During the pandemic I was always alone in my room and that only made me even more anxious to be in public than I was before. And made it particularly hard to socialize even if was just a text message.

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