RAB Source Entry 1 – Migdalia Rivera

Part 1 : MLA Citation

Goldberg, Emma. “Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I Felt Like I Was Suffocating.’”


Summary 1: In the article, Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I Felt Like I Was Suffocating’ Emma Goldberg reported that teenagers were under stress, suffered with anxiety and depression while in school .Parents claimed that virtual learning is way easier and they’re just ‘lazy’. Students transitioned from being in school buildings to remote learning. this article expresses that most of the mental health problems came from students who’s parents had been unemployed or financial problems. Adolfo Jeronimo , 15 a student said “ I’d sleep all day because my sister was up crying and there was barely any food,” he lived in a packed house . There’s way no way to regain focus or have a good night rest . Many teenagers dealt with these problems during the pandemic .

Part 3 Reflection :

This article made me realize the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on young teens in school . Limiting your social environment from not being in-person school causes a negative impact on teenagers . Not being able to communicate with other people or communicating with the same people caused bad effects . Sharing one computer or a room is stressful to students, especially students in poverty . The motivation for students continue was slim  . I can relate to this , I was restless when I had all my classes remote . The Wifi was always slowing down because of how many people were in the house , on top of that we had the cheapest internet plan . I do feel like Covid had a negative impact on students . I understand the disconnection that students might have with their classmates is nerve racking getting back to in person classes . 

The genre of this source is factual news report . The purpose of this report is to inform . The NYT is reliable source , Emma is journalist with The NYT

2 thoughts on “RAB Source Entry 1 – Migdalia Rivera”

  1. Hello Migdalia,
    I really like your topic and I’am very interested by it. I thin you could a little bt more inforation if you can about why the kids are getting depressed.

  2. Migdalia:

    This is an OP-ED piece — You can see that when you look at the title part of the article. GO look again. It says “OPINION”. Ok so this works for your Source #2.

    YOur MLA CItation is not correct — did you use the ciation machine?

    Review How to Write a Summary lesson. Your first sentence needs Title Author and MI!

    Your SUMMARY needs to have those MI and SDetails written into the summary paragraph! You foudn them — so why aren’t these points into the Summary. YOur summary is INCOMPLETE.

    THen where are the rest of the 4 parts?

    STRONG Rememnder to see the tutors and get to THursday’s workshop.

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