Outline Podcast-Angel

Introduce myself and guest

How does social media affect teenagers mental health?

Why do you think this is happening?

Will less usage of social media fix this problem?

Have you ever found yourself being affected by social media?

As a parent how do you feel about social media? What did you do to prevent your own children from experiencing this?

Do you think taking away their phones will solve the issue?

1 thought on “Outline Podcast-Angel”

  1. Angel: This doesn’t tell me much about your plan. It’s very general and there are NOT any specific details.

    ONE BIG PROBLEM is that you did NOT do a HW 4 mentor text analysis of a podcast. SO you do not how a podcast is put together.

    In fact you have done only ONE HW in Unit 3. You have skipped doing the HW 2 where (one of the choices was to do a Mentor Text analysis of the video podcast by Adam Conover on “Good” Billionaires) Mentor Text analysis that I went over in class. This is a huge problem as you can see.

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