Outline ( letter) Esha


Working title for my letter: Mental health issues


The struggle kids faced during remote learning

How they faced mental health?

who helped them?

The purpose for writing this



My experience with mental health during covid

Hardships i faced during remote learning

ways to help with the hardships

How are students doing now?


My message would be that remote learning had many kids face mental health and here are some ways to help with that.

How we an overcome mental health and anxiety?

Im going to end with a motivational note




1 thought on “Outline ( letter) Esha”

  1. This is confusing. Have you studied the Guiding Points for an Open Letter: Identify yourself, Audience, Purpose, Support, Choose a visual to include, Title. You need to decide all of these points very clearly and specificly here in your outline. PLEASE LOOK AT THE ASSIGNMENT under Option to Write an Open letter. Look at my example open letter that I wrote.

    THINK What did Naomi Osaka do in her Open Letter. You too are writing an open letter. So what did she do in hers, and will you emulate some of her points.

    Your outline is not telling me much. It’s not very clear and not very specific.

    Your title is not specific enough: Mental Health Issues — WELL THAT IS SO SO GENERAL. Wasn’t your RQ having something to do with Co-Vid? So you need a more specific title.

    Please work with a tutor on this.

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