Outline Op-Ed-Wendbenedo

I. Introduction

  • Hook with a rhetorical question.
  • Personal anecdote to introduce the topic.
  • Thesis statement: Western military interventions in African countries, particularly by France, have perpetuated conflict and instability rather than solving them.

II. Historical Context

  • Discuss the historical legacy of colonialism and exploitation that continues to affect Africa today.
  • Explain how this legacy has influenced Western interventions in African countries.

III. Negative Impact of Western Military Interventions in Africa

  • Provide specific examples of how Western military interventions have worsened conflicts in Africa.
  • Discuss human rights violations and civilian casualties resulting from these interventions.

IV. Need for Diplomatic Approaches to Conflict Resolution

  • Argue that military interventions often fail to address the root causes of conflict and can exacerbate them.
  • Discuss the importance of diplomacy in resolving conflicts in Africa.

V. Responsibility and Reparations

  • Discuss the responsibility of Western powers in repairing the damage caused by their past actions.
  • Argue that reparations should be made to restore the economic exploitation and cultural destruction inflicted on African nations.

VI. African Sovereignty and Western Support for Stability and Conflict Resolution

  • Emphasize the importance of respecting African sovereignty and supporting African efforts towards stability and conflict resolution.
  • Provide examples of how Western powers can support African nations.

VII. Conclusion

  • Restate thesis statement and main arguments.
  • Call to action for Western powers to recognize the harm caused by their neocolonial interventions in Africa and take steps to support African sovereignty and stability.

2 thoughts on “Outline Op-Ed-Wendbenedo”

  1. This looks good!

    So I think you have been working on revising and re-planning so that the rough draft you showed me will be no longer just repeating the same ideas.

    Where will you be making reference to your RAB research? Remember you must use at least 2 references to the research you did.

  2. Remember that I have asked you to do another Mentor Text analysis of another Op_Ed other than the William Siu one. So a good opportunity to see what makes a good op-ed. Please do HW 4 on a different op-ed.

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