Outline(Feature Article)-Ana


A: A picture of a group of young kids on their phone next to a picture of young children playing.

B: An explanation with effects that social media has on young adults.

  1. Academic performance
  2. Doubts about self worth
  3. Depression/Anxiety
  4. Finding friends online

Personal Narrative:

A)How it has affected people my age

B)How will it continue to affects young adults of no change is made

  1. What changes can be made once we become aware
  2. What does the future of young adults look like if change is made


A:Several pictures of young adults success and failures do to social media

B: Five different ways that we can do to improve the effects of social media


Social media can be both negative and positive depending on how smart you use it.

2 thoughts on “Outline(Feature Article)-Ana”

  1. Professor Wu, I change my genre because I want to not only give information on my topic but also show images on the effects of social media and I find that a photo essay will be a great way to do so.

  2. OK — THEN YOU NEED TO DO A MENTOR TEXT ANALYSIS OF A PHOTO ESSAY. YOU NEED TO STUDY A MENTOR TEXT PHOTO ESSAY. AND RE-DO HW 4 USING A PHOTO ESSAY (chosen from the assignment part on how to create a photo essay). It’s ok you still have time. But you cannot do a photo essay without studying one…so hop to it an d re-do HW 4.

    I actually think what you have given an outline for is more of a feature article with pictures.

    GO and study Feature Article or Photo Essay and get clarity on which genre you are going to work in.

    Look carefully at feature article option and consider it.

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