Project Proposal — Balthazar

My message is that the United States should take increased measures to prevent Chinese acts of economic espionage. I want to convey to my audience that these acts of spying should not be swept under the rug and taken lightly. I will explain to my audience, who are individuals interested in geopolitics and Chinese/U.S relations, how economic espionage impacts Americans as well as assists in China’s authoritarian rule over its people and exacerbates their goal of global market domination. I will explain why this is bad and how it is very dangerous to the U.S and other countries like Taiwan. I am considering a podcast where I go over the important information and convey my opinion on the matter directly to the audience without an interview. I will make it short and informative. I want my audience to understand what exactly economic espionage is and why it is a serious matter. My concerns are that I will not be able to convey my whole idea in a short time and I will have to leave a lot of information out. I plan on getting started by constructing a small brief script with information, history and definitions. 

3 thoughts on “Project Proposal — Balthazar”

  1. Sounds good.

    Maybe your idea of explaining and focusing on ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE is a good way to keep your podcast focused and clear. And it is true, most people do not know there is such a thing and that it is really spying!

    And most people don’t know that China is doing this kind of spying.


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