Summary Practice Esha

Part 1 MLA Citation

By Wendy Berliner “Schools Are Killing Curiosity Why We Need To Stop Telling Children To Shut Up And Learn”

Part 2 Summary

The summary of the article is that the schools don’t let the kids be curious about their learning. They are told to be quiet and just focus and not say anything. Also the author says that the kids that are curious perform better. If schools let kids be curious and not tell them to shut up and learn they can perform better and learn better. If schools allow children to have curiosity kids can then learn easily and in the article it says its not the teachers fault they just have too many targets to meet.

1 thought on “Summary Practice Esha”

  1. OK you have the most important points!

    HOWEVER, you need to follow the Summary Checklist on back of the HANDOUT on How to write a summary. First sentence needs to be fixed. Refer to the author using phrases: Accordign to Berliner….Berliner states that…. Berliner refers to research that shows …

    Citation is correct — good!

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