Summary Practice – Ahsan

Part 1 MLA citation

Berliner, Wendy. “’Schools Are Killing Curiosity’: Why We Need to Stop Telling Children to Shut up and Learn.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 28 Jan. 2020,

Part 2 Summary

School are taking the abiliy for kids to express their questi0ns of curiosity causing them to lose creative minds. Wendy elaborates how childern dont ask that many questions during school. She expresses how schools and teachers are restricting students to think freely and have curiosity. Even researchers say we should be ecncouraging questions because curious childern preform better. A nursery replaced the toys for the two year olds with house-hold items. They discovered the toddlers made use of those items showing, such as making slides, dens and spaceships using the cardboard boxes. Paul Howard-Jones, professor of neuroscience and education at Bristol University came to see these kids playing with their new toys. He believes childern should be prompted to ask questions even though it might be challenging to the teacher there should be a time where they can disscuss them. Theres not enough time in school for childern to explore their creativity and having a follow up on their curiosity.

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  1. OK pretty good!

    However, you need to refer to the HANDOUT on HOw to Write Summary and the Summary checklist on the back.

    1.Fix first sentence (title, author, MI)

    2.Do not call her Wendy! She is not your friend. Use the last name always when referring to author.

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