Summary Practice- Angel

Berliner, Wendy “’Schools Are Killing Curiosity’: Why We Need to Stop Telling Children to Shut up and Learn.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 28 Jan. 2020,

In the article “’Schools Are Killing Curiosity” Wendy Berliner explains negative affects school has on kids imagination. For example, she gives three main points which are children are born curious, curious children performed best and children playing with toys/being curious helps with their learning process. Schools tend to make sure children are always focused instead of wondering off so they aren’t “distracted” which is why Wendy Berliner believes school kills curiosity.

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  1. Label your work: Part 1 MLA Citation … Part 2 Summary

    Summary is too short and missing the important details.

    Remember the points I put on the board in the outline. THOSE are the important points that go into the graphic organizer and into your summary!

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