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5 Reasons Cat Parents Should Have Pet Insurance

why cats are cute

Reason 1: Emergency veterinary care is expensive.

Treatment for a broken leg might cost over $3,000 and cancer treatment brings bills in the tens of thousands. While you can probably cover routine examinations on your own, unexpected vet bills are where pet insurance can save you from a huge burden.

Reason 2: Pet insurance empowers you to make decisions based on what’s best for your cat.

When huge bills leave you weighing your cat’s life against your financial security, you might opt out of treatment that would save their life. Pet insurance for cats can help you to make the life-saving choice.

Reason 3: Pet insurance premiums can be quite low.

Premiums vary based on your coverage tier, your cat’s age, and their health status. If you get your cat insured when they’re young and healthy, your premiums could be less than $10 a month. For less than the price of a monthly poke bowl, you could go to bed knowing that if your cat gets sick or injured, you’ll be able to provide any treatment they need.

Reason 4: The money is available immediately.

A savings account could take years to reach maturity. Pet insurance gives you access to your full reimbursement maximum almost as soon as you take out a policy.

Reason 5: You can choose your veterinarian.

There’s no need to choose an in-network veterinarian. Pet insurance providers will work with your existing veterinarian, meaning that your cat or will receive the same care they’ve come to expect.

Pet insurance can be a good investment for cat parents, but not every provider is a good choice.

To help you pick the right one, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to choosing the best pet insurance for your cat.

5 Big Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor

In the world of modern medicine, people are still unaware of the many benefits of going to a chiropractor. However, the internet is doing its part and as more chiropractors communicate with their audience, a relationship of trust is building fast. A lot of people would continue to suffer from chronic pains just because they don’t receive the treatment they need. The good news is that a chiropractor can help fix a lot of issues other than back pains. Let’s take a look at the five big benefits of visiting a chiropractor.

Five Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor

You Can Start Feeling Fresh Again

The tension in your muscles can be a result of a lot of things. When your joints are misaligned, certain parts of the body have to bear more pressure than they should. The constant and unnecessary pressure results in stiffness. And when stiffness does not go away, you start to feel tired. A successful chiropractic session can help you feel fresh again. In fact, that’s what most of the patients feel as soon as they get up after an adjustment.

You Can Avoid Medication

Pain is not an illness. It is only a symptom. A chiropractor can reach the depth of the issue to identify what’s causing pain in your body. Whether it is a throbbing pain in your head or a backache that does not let you sit, medication isn’t going to fix it forever. If the cause remains there, the pain will keep coming back. However, an experienced and qualified chiropractor, like this Greenville Chiropractor here, can fix the cause of the problem for you to relive you of pain forever.

You Can Relieve Stress

When your spine’s alignment gets messed up, it can result in the misalignment of your entire skeletal system. As a result, your entire body starts feeling an unnecessary pressure. You might not feel it but it is there, and it is causing you mental stress. Think of it like a small stone in your shoe. No matter how much you try to ignore it, when it is there, it can cause you to become irritable. That’s what happens when your body experiences misalignment.

You Can Sleep Better

How can sleep well when a part of your body is constantly aching? You understand that the pains arising from spinal misalignments and join malfunctioning are so severe that it is impossible to sleep. Not to mention, certain misalignments won’t even let you rest in a comfortable position. With proper adjustments, you can lie down in peace and have a good night sleep. That good night sleep comes as a result of loosening of the stiffness of your muscles when they receive ample blood supply.

You Can Wave Sciatica Goodbye

When a spinal nerve experiences unnecessary compression, the resulting pain is unbearable. Your lower back and hip hurt so much as a result of sciatica that you might not even be able to sit down. However, according to a study that appeared in the European Spine Journal, chiropractic is successful 72% of the times in fixing sciatica and problems related to it. The best thing is that it fixes the related pain quickly, which is what a patient suffering from this sharp pain wants.

So, stop living with the myth that chiropractic is only good for an occasional back pain. Your spine is the center of your body. Any alignment issues with the spine can result in the stiffness and tension of muscles in any part of your body. A chiropractic adjustment is not just reliable, but also a quick solution to these pains.

Using Better Healthcare Marketing Strategies For Success

The implementation of a healthcare program needs an individual to have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish using a good strategy and enough resources to reach their goal. A healthcare plan for a successful healthcare practiceis subject to proper and efficient execution ofbasicmarketing considerations and distinguished strategies.

When designing healthcare marketing strategies, it is crucial to have the required investment in order to complete such an undertaking.Healthcare marketing managers from companies such as DevicePharm are responsible to develop and maintain particular goals of an established healthcare organization. They normally have a set budget to follow to meet their goals. However, it is also vital to clearly define the steps to reach that goal so that they can prevent precious time and money from being wasted.

Healthcare marketing involves many risks relatedto financial costs, obligations, reputation, and high value. Medical organizations are constantly evolving with unforeseen storms present on the horizon.They need to hold enough financial investment to face the challenges. Most of them continuously endeavor increasing their market value and enhance the reputation in order to stay competitive in the healthcare industry.

Usually, healthcare marketing strategies are referred to three distinct marketing layers. The first one is internal marketing that entails marketing to existing clients or patients. A healthcare facility, for example, wants to utilize one of its available spaces to make a daycare center for adults. It would include the existing patients and their families and fellow stakeholders. The organization can conduct an information session at the premises to provide necessary information and create excitement for this useful community resource.

Secondly, there is external marketing that is based on consumer-directed marketing. It needsa complete market analysis of the community to find out the number of aged people, handicapped individuals, and those with special needs who are being taken care of by family members with a full time job.

Lastly, professional referral marketing is the marketing plan that involves doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The above exemplified medical facility that wants to expand into a day care center for adults already has a director who is a doctor. There are other physicians whose basic job is to treat those patients admitted in the hospital will also be helping with an adult daycare program. This marketing strategy can also include the local facility and other medical care professionals in nearby communities. At this point, the use of social media such as Facebook or Instagram can be a very beneficial resource in marketing a healthcare business.

Healthcare professionals and organizations are regularly barraged with people who claim to be the only way to generate business for them. The healthcare industryis like none other in its abhorrence of anything that even smells like payment for each patient referral. For that reason, professionals and organizations have to be verycareful and well-advised in making marketing strategies and business-enhancing relationships. Moreover, it is also important to have a carefully constructed business plan comprising the three aspects of healthcare marketing. Healthcare is an important industry. It requires a goal and excellent marketing strategies that should be followed by clearly defined steps to acquire the desired results.

Anti Vase


Anti Vase

The new Anti Vase by Cake is a pretty interesting looking vase. Made of metal, it’s not upright like the typical vase. They say that it “questions not only the purpose of a vase but the perception of death.” Unlike most other vases that hold water and try to prolong a flower’s life (albeit still cut short due to being placed in a vase in the first place!), this vase accepts the flower’s death and celebrates its beauty.

Pidan Snow Mountain Cat Litter Box

Snow Mountain Litter Box

Another cool designed cat litter box from Pidan Studio. Inspired from a snowberg, this item has a similar name Snow Mountain. With smooth and elegant flow line, it’s a pure and natural gift for your little kitty. This large uncovered litter box has high side,  which helps lessen the splash of the litter and leakage of cats urine, it fits for big cats up to 15lb. The IONPURE antibacterial PP plastic makes it safe for kitties. The embedded and detachable structure makes the litter box’s lid to be easily separated from the base. See some cool features from the below images:

Snowberg Litter Box


This fancy Snow Mountain Litter Box is listed on MeetIDEA, get one today.

DDoS Threat Report

Even with the wide range of strategies DDoS attacks employ in their quest for devastation, they’ve earned a narrow reputation amongst casual observers of the state of cybersecurity. Thanks to major IoT botnets like Mirai and recent record-breaking memcached attacks on targets like GitHub, DDoS attacks have come to be seen as the Mike Tyson punch of cyber assaults: thundering bangers so powerful it’s no wonder many opponents can do nothing more than stagger, stumble and drop.

However, as DDoS professionals and security analysts will tell you, the attacks that are most difficult to deal with are the ones that use brains, not brawn. This is unfortunate considering the numbers are in for the fourth quarter of 2017, and the trend towards increasingly smart attacks is ramping up. Instead of knockout punch attempts, your DDoS mitigation is going to be dealing with some pretty brilliant rope-a-dope. Is it prepared for Muhammad Ali?

By the numbers

Those booming DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks made famous by internet-shaking assaults that took the likes of Reddit and Netflix offline tend to be aimed at the network layer. There isn’t anything clever about these attacks, there’s no real attempt to disguise them, it’s just a huge amount of malicious traffic barraging a victim. For an unprotected website this is assured downtime, but for any online service with decent DDoS protection these attacks are easy to detect and can therefore be easy to mitigate before they can greatly affect availability, so long as the protection appliance or service is highly scalable.

For protection that qualifies as decent but not much better, it’s a whack of bad news from Imperva whose DDoS protection division Incapsula recently published its Global DDoS Threat Landscape report for Q4 2017. The number of network layer attacks fell a full 50% from the third quarter, and making up the difference were those brainy and hard-to-stop application layer attacks, which rose 43%.

Application layer madness

Unlike their network-layer counterparts, application layer attacks look and act like legitimate requests from legitimate website users. This allows them to sneak past a great deal of protection measures meant to be looking for irregular and suspicious traffic patterns. That isn’t the extent of application layer attack craftiness either, as these small but strenuous attacks are precisely designed to put in the smallest amount of effort yet consume the maximum amount of server-side resources. Many professional attackers research their intended targets, finding the website elements that require the most work from the server – such as dynamic content that can’t be cached – and load those elements repeatedly. Application layer attacks are basically the Rumble in the Jungle, and all too often, the target server is George Foreman left lying flat on the canvas.

In that 43% increase in application layer attacks in the fourth quarter of 2017, Incapsula specifically spotted a sizable uptick in assaults that weighed in between 100 and 1000 requests per second (RPS), with over 50% of fourth quarter application layer attacks landing in that category. This points to an increase in DDoS-for-hire users taking aim with application layer assaults. They’re cheaper to launch and sustain compared to network layer attacks, leading even non-professional attackers to take the clever route when it comes to knocking out their targets.

Increasingly brilliant bots

Behind most distributed denial of service attacks are swarms of DDoS bots. For a DDoS attack to be successful on a website with some level of DDoS protection, the bots that make up malicious DDoS traffic need to go undetected by the security measures put in place to stop them. In Q4, 17% of DDoS bots were capable of doing exactly that, bypassing either cookie or JavaScript challenges. This is an increase of ten percent compared to Q3. Even more startlingly, of the 17% of bots with bypass capabilities, 16.1% had the ability to bypass both cookie and JavaScript challenges, an increase of 14.3% from Q3.

Cookie and JavaScript challenges are two of the most common security challenges used to identify DDoS traffic. Having both in place may have once been seen as strong security, but those days are long gone. At least they should be.

Making the grade

While it’s impossible to predict what the DDoS landscape has in store, there’s a good chance the professional attackers making bank on the dark web, the cybercriminals coding DDoS bots, or the malicious entrepreneurs running DDoS for hire services are going to decide that less sophisticated attacks are the wave of the future. Muhammad Ali never decided to start throwing wanton haymakers, after all.

For websites and businesses that can’t afford downtime, reputation damage, loss of user loyalty and the many other major costs and consequences of a successful attack, DDoS protection first of all needs to be a professional cloud-based managed service, and secondly needs to employ the type of granular traffic inspection that can bounce even the smartest attacks to a scrubbing server. This includes a layered approach to bot detection that includes static analysis, behavioral analysis and progressive challenges that, of course, extend beyond cookie and JavaScript challenges. Fighting the latest DDoS attacks has largely become a battle of wits, and it isn’t a battle many businesses can afford to lose.

Why we need a Curved Monitor

Samsung Curved Monitor

It started out with curved screens that protruded towards you then evolved to flat screens which took the world by storm but now we have curved screens which are a world wide sensation. The digital world will never be the same again as long as smart and friendly inventions continue to grace our view. Curved monitors are the in-thing as far as TV and computer screens are concerned. Although the curved display invention has been in the market for a few years now, users seem to still be perplexed about them. There are a few factors that make the curved monitors a favorable choice for users.

1. Improved View

The main idea behind curved displays is to improve the view of users regardless of their positions in the room. A look at the two previous types of screens put some viewers at a disadvantage. The outward protruding screens selectively offered a perfect view for viewers who were positioned at the center of the screen. The next invention, the flat screen, was a great upgrade as this meant smaller screens that offered an improved view for all. However, people sitting too far off the screen had an obstructed view of the screen.

Inventors decided to burrow their heads deeper into technology and came up with the curved display technology. With this, the viewers had a better view of the images and words on the screen even if they were way off the center of the screen. The curved end on the right offers a great view to viewers on the left while the curved area on the left offers people on the right an ideal view. This is the main idea behind the curved display and truth be told, it works.

2. Less Glare and Reflections

One of the most annoying things that TV and computer users complained about was the horrific glare that shines beyond the screens. The light reflections from the bulb and the windows were no better as they interfered with the view. However, curved screens are an invention that swiftly eliminates these from your list of worries. Due to the curved design of these screens, you will experience less glare and even less light reflections.

3. A Better Field of View

One of the major perks of a curved screen is the wider field of view compared to the flat screens. Due to the curved design of the edges, the screen looks wider and larger it really is. This makes watching a movie or playing a 3D/7D movie feel more realistic hence more fun.

Nothing compares to the vision one has with a curved screen. The fact that the screen is made to mimic the shape of your eyeball means better vision and an even wider range of view. Truth be told, nothing beats the curved display design. You will be pleased to learn that these awesome inventions are not as costly as they were when they first hit the market.

Best Cat Beds 2018

Top 3 Best Cat Beds for Your Feline Friend

If you own a pet cat, it’s pretty evident that you’re already aware of their extensive napping schedule! So considering their profound penchant for sleep- a good idea would be to invest in a strong and comfortable cat bed. But then again, with so many beds to choose from- how do you figure out the perfect bed for your feline friend? Well, that is exactly what we’re going to find out in the following section. Read on, to know everything that you always wanted to know about choosing the best cat bed.

Best Cat Bed 2018

Egg Tart Cat Bed

Your cats don’t really care about designs. All they want is a comfy cat bed where they can peacefully snuggle. And guess what? This cozy egg tart bed will perfectly cater to their needs. This bed comes with a warm and fluffy texture that lets your cat enjoy a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Once they hop into the bed, you can be completely assured of their happy and comfortable sleeping session. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, this bed is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. The mat cover itself is removable, thereby helping you remove, wash and clean it as and when you require. So if you’re looking for a comfortable and easy-to-maintain bed for your feline buddy, this is one bed that’ll never disappoint you.

Check it here

Best Cat Bed 2018

Snooze Sphere Cat Bed

Cats usually sleep for around 15-20 hours a day. So they’d obviously need a comfortable spot to sleep. And this is exactly where Snooze Sphere comes to play. This is a perfect cat bed with a simple design, such that you’re kitty will totally fall in love with it at their very first glance. While the wool lining will render a comfortable texture to the bed, the sleek design will easily sync with your home’s décor. So if you’re looking to offer your cat, a complete and undisturbed sleep experience- this bed can definitely be a great bid.

Check it here

Truffle Cat Bed

Truffle Cat Bed

As evident from its name, this luxury truffle bed is specifically designed to let your pet cat sleep in utmost comfort. The bed has a simple and unconventional design and it has ample space for your cat to rest. Unlike most of the similar beds, this bed is made of an entirely antibacterial design which further keeps your cat safe and healthy. The overall product is durable, stylish and completely safe for your kitty. In addition to this, it is also pretty simple to clean. All you need to do is remove the cushion and wash it to get it spick and span. While the polyester filling will keep the bed warm, the comfortable texture will let your cat snuggle in a comfortable manner. So if you’re looking for a perfect combination of style and comfort- this is yet another bed that’ll definitely live up to your expectations.

Check it here

On a concluding note

So now that you know everything about cat beds; explore these options and make your favorite pick! Each of these beds will perfectly meet and fit the requirements of your kitty.

The Harvesting and Sustainability of Snow Crab in The Ocean

Snow Crab

What is Snow Crab?

Snow crab, which is mainly found in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific Ocean are sometimes also referred to as Queen crab as the length of their legs is comparable to that of the king crab. They belong to the family of crustaceans and have a flat body with five pairs of legs like that of a spider. The front pair of which are used as claws by the animal. When these crabs grow, they shed their outer shells on a periodic basis and this process of shedding its shells is called molting. Just after molting has taken place, these crabs have a soft shell for few days before it again gets hard and are then called soft shell crabs. Soft shell crabs are preferred as the most popular form of seafood.

Snow crab can also stop the process of molting and grow at varying rates resulting in crabs of various shapes and sizes. The sizes to which the snow crabs can grow vary for both the males and females. For males, it can go up to 15 cm where the largest make animal can be almost double the size of female snow crabs. When it comes to harvesting the snow crabs there is a minimum limit on the size of the male crabs. Only male crabs that cross the minimum limit of 95mm size are fit and suitable to be harvested.

The average life span of the snow crabs is around 14-16 years and it generally takes 7-9 years for the male snow crabs to reach the legal minimum size required for harvesting. The best quality of snow generally come from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the processing companies try to make the best products by making use of the cryogenic freezers. Snow crabs generally prefer cold and deep-water conditions which are suitable for their sustainability. Considering these conditions, Canada is the largest producer of snow crab in the world. 

How is Snow Crab Caught?

Snow crab is trapped by the fishermen in sandy and muddy bottoms. The depth of catching them varies between 50-600 meters. Harvesting of the snow crabs is carried out by vessels exclusively. The length if the vessels used for harvesting should be less than 20 meters. Although the harvesting season is variable, it is majorly done in spring and in summers. Sometimes harvesting is carried forward till November too. 

Specifics of Harvesting and Conservation Measures

Harvesting of snow crabs is managed annually on the basis of total number of catches allowed by the department. Fisherman who hold a license for the same are assigned a particular quota of snow crab to be caught annually. This makes it easy for them to catch crabs without much hassle. Also, only the male crabs which meet the eligibility criteria are allowed to be hunted during the fishing season. There is also a prescribed minimum mesh size of 13.5 cm, which allows only the hunting of male snow crabs.

Female crabs and those males below the prescribed length, if caught are allowed to escape in the waters again. Also, grids are used to assess the number of soft shell crab caught. If the number is large, that particular fishery remains closed for the particular fishing season. From past years, there has been a drop in the harvest number of the snow crab due to various reasons. The numbers of legal size male snow crabs dropped drastically. Another observation of the studies conducted have indicated a higher mating rate.

Snow crab harvesting offers a great boost to the economy, as snow crab is eaten by large number of people. Moreover, when combined with a reliable company for food processing, snow crabs offer the best treat to the seafood lovers all over the world.  Key sustainability data and statistics also point towards the need of conservation of snow crab species if we want to enjoy their delicacy in our culinary treats.

Thus, conservation and harvesting of snow crab species when they are going through the molting process becomes an imperative regulation for all the fishery and food processing companies to abide by. is one of the few direct suppliers of snow crab, and they adhere to the proper harvesting techniques and follow the best seafood sustainability practices. They understand that by adhering to these guidelines, the future of crabbing will be preserved with a plentiful supply of snow crab for all.

How to do trading with MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 is basically a trading platform which has been developed by MetaQuotes Software to enable the traders to do online trading in the CFD, forex, futures markets. It has become hugely popular these days as it provides resources and tools that give the traders the ultimate potential to determine the price and manage trades, and along with that employ the use of automated trading techniques for effective forex analysis.  It has both the client and server component which are respectively used by the clients and their brokers for access to the information related to the trade that has been initiated.

To use this platform, you would first need to install it on your PC. It can be directly downloaded from the MetaQuotes website or you can even ask your forex broker to provide you the details regarding the same. You would then just need to follow the set of instructions for installing the program. After the successful installation, you would be asked to open an account in order to perform the trading.

After you are done with the installation part, you would arrive at the main window which is basically divided into four different currency pairs with the toolbars located on the topmost portion. Along with that, you will also have the option for chart settings, templates, and indicators which you can set according to your preference and the demand of the trading scenario. With this, there is also an option for connection status which indicates whether the software is compatible with the Internet or not to obtain the regular updates and news. For instance, if you are interested in checking the crude oil news, then you would be able to go through the charts along with the opening and closing of the orders at just one glance.  With the establishment of the connection, you would be able to have access to the trading market where you can update all the trading information along with bidding, purchasing, and selling of the stocks.

This software can be handled more easily with the help of certain tips and tricks which can be followed to work faster. Here are some of them:

  • You can save the chart groups and the information displayed on the window with the help of the “Save Profile As” in the “Profiles” menu. This would help the trader to have access to different profiles for their desired trade.
  • Arrange the trendlines with the help of the “ trendline” icon. These would help you to analyze the chart and indicate the resistance and support areas more clearly. You can choose the color, style, and another parameter of the trendlines according to your preference.
  • With you want to make the time and price value identifiable, then all you would need to do is to use the crosshair mode which can be accessed with the middle mouse button. Just move the pointer to the price bar and you would get the values immediately.
  • To undo or delete any drawing object all you need to do is to take the pointer towards it and use the backspace button for an instant removal of the unwanted lines.
  • You can choose to arrange different charts in a certain fashion if you want them to stay open all at once.

There are four types of packages which are used in the Metatrader4 which are as follows:

  • MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal
  • MetaTrader 4 Mobile
  • MetaTrader 4 Server
  • MetaTrader 4 Administrator
  • MetaTrader 4 Manager
  • MetaTrader 4 Data Center

Users can make use of its scripting language i.e., MQL4/MQL5 if they want to create customized scripts and indicators. It provides the options for Pending Orders and Market Orders which are the core elements of enabling the trading orders.

MetaTrader4 has made it easier for the brokers to have access to the most intricate information related to the trading that goes on and off on a regular basis.  From complex statistical charts to trading summary you get the access to each and everything one just one platform.  If you are new to this platform, then you might need to invest some time in acquiring the skills to use its features in an effective manner.

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