Samsung Curved Monitor

It started out with curved screens that protruded towards you then evolved to flat screens which took the world by storm but now we have curved screens which are a world wide sensation. The digital world will never be the same again as long as smart and friendly inventions continue to grace our view. Curved monitors are the in-thing as far as TV and computer screens are concerned. Although the curved display invention has been in the market for a few years now, users seem to still be perplexed about them. There are a few factors that make the curved monitors a favorable choice for users.

1. Improved View

The main idea behind curved displays is to improve the view of users regardless of their positions in the room. A look at the two previous types of screens put some viewers at a disadvantage. The outward protruding screens selectively offered a perfect view for viewers who were positioned at the center of the screen. The next invention, the flat screen, was a great upgrade as this meant smaller screens that offered an improved view for all. However, people sitting too far off the screen had an obstructed view of the screen.

Inventors decided to burrow their heads deeper into technology and came up with the curved display technology. With this, the viewers had a better view of the images and words on the screen even if they were way off the center of the screen. The curved end on the right offers a great view to viewers on the left while the curved area on the left offers people on the right an ideal view. This is the main idea behind the curved display and truth be told, it works.

2. Less Glare and Reflections

One of the most annoying things that TV and computer users complained about was the horrific glare that shines beyond the screens. The light reflections from the bulb and the windows were no better as they interfered with the view. However, curved screens are an invention that swiftly eliminates these from your list of worries. Due to the curved design of these screens, you will experience less glare and even less light reflections.

3. A Better Field of View

One of the major perks of a curved screen is the wider field of view compared to the flat screens. Due to the curved design of the edges, the screen looks wider and larger it really is. This makes watching a movie or playing a 3D/7D movie feel more realistic hence more fun.

Nothing compares to the vision one has with a curved screen. The fact that the screen is made to mimic the shape of your eyeball means better vision and an even wider range of view. Truth be told, nothing beats the curved display design. You will be pleased to learn that these awesome inventions are not as costly as they were when they first hit the market.