If you are a cat lover, here are some useful resources for you, I will keep them updated.

  • The Cat Site – The most popular cat community for cat lovers.
  • Living with LouLou – A French cat’s comments on life, recipes, books, music, art, food, friendship, Italy, France, USA, cats, dogs and all animals. Loulou is lovely cat with beautiful sapphire eyes, his owner Suzanne is the author of No Need To Knead, Handmade Italian Breads in 90 Minutes. Read this blog to feel a cat’s inward world.
  • About Cats Online – Information about cat behaviour, cat health, cat nutrition and rescue.
  • Cat Facts, Breeds, Unique Names and Funny Videos – We have compiled a vast array of information regarding feline breeds, facts about cat behavior and health, and urine cleaning products. There is a huge list of unique cat names and a wonderfully funny section regarding cat humor and videos.
  • Cat Litter Box – The best covered igloo cat litter box for cat lovers, it has hidden enclosed dome space, fits for big cats up to 7kg.
  • KittySites – The Cat Lover’s Online Directory!  If you are looking for a cat-related website, this is a great place to start.  We’re a large and resourceful directory with a personal touch!
  • All About Cats – This site was inspired by the decision to share the knowledge that was learned while raising three beautiful cats.
  • Fluffy Kitty – A blog for cat lovers to share their passion for kitties by posting articles and reviewing furniture pieces that will make your kitty purrrrrr from happiness!