Tech world is one industry has always been perceived that it’s a man’s industry and if there is any woman seeking to venture into this industry, they are faced with so many challenges. It has been quite a hard time for females looking to pursue careers in the tech world. We live in a biased world and there are many talented women who have been closed out the tech world due to various reasons. Harry I Martin Jr shares some of these reasons:

Sexism; this factor contributes greatly to discouraging women to take up roles especially those perceived to be men’s role. Sexism also contributes to issues like the females cannot be heard in the workplaces or classroom discussions.

Lack of role models; females lack fellow females to look up to in the tech world. As the old adage goes, you cannot be what you cannot see, is highly applicable in this sector. Many young girls are lacking modern role models in the tech world. For instance, there are many females who are experienced when it comes to the tech world but it is quite hard for them to become role models because this is a world that is dominated by men.

Poor pipeline; this is evident in schools whereby when joining universities, very few females take up courses related to the tech world. Lack of prior knowledge deters them from taking up roles related to technology.

From the above four factors, there are many talented women who would like to pursue tech-related careers but they just can’t due to such hindrances. However hard it may seem for girls to go on these start-ups, Harry I Martin Jr shares some strategies that women can use to help them in overcoming the possible charges that they face in the tech world. Some of these strategies are:

You should try to be assertive rather than aggressive; according to studies carried out, it shows that women with traits of masculine such as self-confidence seem to be more competent unlike those who have the feminine traits. However, the ‘masculine’ they are seen to be less social thus often suffer a backlash. When these ‘masculine’ ladies exhibit social grace and self-awareness, they tend to get more promotions than other women and men.

Always dream big; as the old adage says when you look from your mind, whatever you conceive you shall surely receive it. Being prepared with facts and figures seems like an important defense against those who don’t take it seriously.

Find enough resources; resources can be in terms of labor, finance, time and so many others. While you are concentrating much about resources, it is important to win the support of your financial supporter as well as be a team player. It is also important to show that you are a bigger person, especially after a disagreement.