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Secret Forest Cat Bowl

Secret Forest Cat Bowl

Designed by Moboli Studio, this is the most cute cat bowl I ever seen. Coming with a indoor grass seeds pack, you can grow the cat grass around the food bowl. See the demo video below:

With a competitive price $19.9, the secret forest is absolutely a perfect gift for cat lovers. You can find it at MeetIDEA.

Why we need a Curved Monitor

Samsung Curved Monitor

It started out with curved screens that protruded towards you then evolved to flat screens which took the world by storm but now we have curved screens which are a world wide sensation. The digital world will never be the same again as long as smart and friendly inventions continue to grace our view. Curved monitors are the in-thing as far as TV and computer screens are concerned. Although the curved display invention has been in the market for a few years now, users seem to still be perplexed about them. There are a few factors that make the curved monitors a favorable choice for users.

1. Improved View

The main idea behind curved displays is to improve the view of users regardless of their positions in the room. A look at the two previous types of screens put some viewers at a disadvantage. The outward protruding screens selectively offered a perfect view for viewers who were positioned at the center of the screen. The next invention, the flat screen, was a great upgrade as this meant smaller screens that offered an improved view for all. However, people sitting too far off the screen had an obstructed view of the screen.

Inventors decided to burrow their heads deeper into technology and came up with the curved display technology. With this, the viewers had a better view of the images and words on the screen even if they were way off the center of the screen. The curved end on the right offers a great view to viewers on the left while the curved area on the left offers people on the right an ideal view. This is the main idea behind the curved display and truth be told, it works.

2. Less Glare and Reflections

One of the most annoying things that TV and computer users complained about was the horrific glare that shines beyond the screens. The light reflections from the bulb and the windows were no better as they interfered with the view. However, curved screens are an invention that swiftly eliminates these from your list of worries. Due to the curved design of these screens, you will experience less glare and even less light reflections.

3. A Better Field of View

One of the major perks of a curved screen is the wider field of view compared to the flat screens. Due to the curved design of the edges, the screen looks wider and larger it really is. This makes watching a movie or playing a 3D/7D movie feel more realistic hence more fun.

Nothing compares to the vision one has with a curved screen. The fact that the screen is made to mimic the shape of your eyeball means better vision and an even wider range of view. Truth be told, nothing beats the curved display design. You will be pleased to learn that these awesome inventions are not as costly as they were when they first hit the market.

Best Cat Beds 2018

Top 3 Best Cat Beds for Your Feline Friend

If you own a pet cat, it’s pretty evident that you’re already aware of their extensive napping schedule! So considering their profound penchant for sleep- a good idea would be to invest in a strong and comfortable cat bed. But then again, with so many beds to choose from- how do you figure out the perfect bed for your feline friend? Well, that is exactly what we’re going to find out in the following section. Read on, to know everything that you always wanted to know about choosing the best cat bed.

Best Cat Bed 2018

Egg Tart Cat Bed

Your cats don’t really care about designs. All they want is a comfy cat bed where they can peacefully snuggle. And guess what? This cozy egg tart bed will perfectly cater to their needs. This bed comes with a warm and fluffy texture that lets your cat enjoy a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Once they hop into the bed, you can be completely assured of their happy and comfortable sleeping session. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, this bed is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. The mat cover itself is removable, thereby helping you remove, wash and clean it as and when you require. So if you’re looking for a comfortable and easy-to-maintain bed for your feline buddy, this is one bed that’ll never disappoint you.

Check it here

Best Cat Bed 2018

Snooze Sphere Cat Bed

Cats usually sleep for around 15-20 hours a day. So they’d obviously need a comfortable spot to sleep. And this is exactly where Snooze Sphere comes to play. This is a perfect cat bed with a simple design, such that you’re kitty will totally fall in love with it at their very first glance. While the wool lining will render a comfortable texture to the bed, the sleek design will easily sync with your home’s décor. So if you’re looking to offer your cat, a complete and undisturbed sleep experience- this bed can definitely be a great bid.

Check it here

Truffle Cat Bed

Truffle Cat Bed

As evident from its name, this luxury truffle bed is specifically designed to let your pet cat sleep in utmost comfort. The bed has a simple and unconventional design and it has ample space for your cat to rest. Unlike most of the similar beds, this bed is made of an entirely antibacterial design which further keeps your cat safe and healthy. The overall product is durable, stylish and completely safe for your kitty. In addition to this, it is also pretty simple to clean. All you need to do is remove the cushion and wash it to get it spick and span. While the polyester filling will keep the bed warm, the comfortable texture will let your cat snuggle in a comfortable manner. So if you’re looking for a perfect combination of style and comfort- this is yet another bed that’ll definitely live up to your expectations.

Check it here

On a concluding note

So now that you know everything about cat beds; explore these options and make your favorite pick! Each of these beds will perfectly meet and fit the requirements of your kitty.

Cupcake Cat Bed for Cat Lovers

cupcake cat bed

This is a very cute cat bed designed by Pidan Studio, who also have another innovative product Igloo Cat Litter Box. The official name of this bad is Egg Tart Cat Bed, but I think Cupcake Cat Bed maybe describe it properly. According to official site, this cat bed is very cozy and warm, with a removable mat inside, easy to wash. Let’s see some features below:

Now this cat bed is 30% OFF on MeetIDEA, it’s a good chance to have one for your lovely kitty. As a nice designed product, I think every cat in universe would love it. How about the real model?

Meet an Innovative Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box

She comes into the living room, meows, then goes on to rest on the entrance grid of her litter box. She loves it. The serene aura exuded by her beauty nap almost breaks my heart when I remember the ordeal I had put her through some months ago.

Have you seen your cat portray elimination problems at one given time? Missy had abandoned her enclosed litter box then, and chose the flower pot on the balcony as her preferred urination and defecation location. After a vet’s visit, my pet was declared perfectly healthy. So, what might have been the reason behind this sudden change?

Her damned litter box then. That was the problem. She could barely get through the entrance without squeezing in. The litter was almost 3.5 inches deep, quite difficult to dig through given the limited space. She hated it. Luckily, I came across this fantastic litter box on the internet that has changed our lives. Missy and I.

The Igloo Cat Litter Box was designed by Pidan Studio to not only adequately resolve your ever day litter-box problems; but also raise your cat elegantly. This helps create a pleasant environment for both the owner and the cat. This particular model comes with a number of exemplary features that makes it a must-have product for all cat owners across the globe.

• Aesthetics.
The modern design is inspired by the Eskimo igloo. It has a style that tends to compliment the interior decor in the room. It easily passes off as a unique piece of furniture rather than a mere cat litter box. It also comes in different colors, mainly white, blue and pink.

• Adequate space.
The box has a wide entrance favorable for large cats. This eases the in and out movement. You need not to worry about your cat getting constantly stuck. The round shape of the igloo litter box creates a large interior space that enables cats to turn around freely when they dig.

• Privacy.
Cats love to go about their business in a quiet and private area. Being enclosed, this model is a darling to the indoor cat.

• Odor proof.
The enclosed space helps keep in the bad smell away from the household. The enclosure also helps to prevent spills on the surfaces and keep your dog(s) and kid(s) from accessing their ‘finger snacks’.

• Minimal litter tracking if any.
The igloo litter box comes with a long grid at the entrance which enables the cats to wipe off litter from their paws every time they walk out. The grid being considerably long, cats may not be in a position to jump over it. This helps to do away with litter tracking on the household’s surfaces hence a clean interior space. The grid is also easy to clean.

• Hygiene.
It is quite easy to maintain cleanliness with this model. All you have to do is lift off the lid, and do a thorough scooping. It is also quite easy to reach the edges in order to get out all the clumps since it is round shaped. The scoop can be attached at the base edge after cleaning.

• Diversity.
The litter box can be used by all cats irrespective of gender, age or species. It is however most suitable for cats under seventeen pounds.

• Minimalist design.
The model has no exaggerated features such as lines and decoration. The design is simple and highly effective. The litter box itself is a piece of decoration.

• Portability.
At only eight pounds, the litter box is quite portable and can be moved around the house easily to your preferred location.

• Safety.
The igloo litter box has been made with Food Contact Grade Polypropylene material, which is eco-friendly, has low density, recyclable and has little impact on the environment. It has also been enhanced with an innovative antimicrobial technology, IONPURE, from Japan. This technology ensures your family’s and cat’s protection through a cleaner and healthier environment.

• Ventilation
The open entrance and spacious interior offers ample room for ventilation which is quite conducive for your pet.

My missy has long left the flower pot alone. If you are experiencing cat litter box management problems, I highly recommend this model. It is designed to help you raise your cat effortlessly and happily. Apparently, this model was awarded the Red Dot Design in Germany, 2016 for its innovative use and creative design. It totally deserved the recognition.

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