why cats are cute

Reason 1: Emergency veterinary care is expensive.

Treatment for a broken leg might cost over $3,000 and cancer treatment brings bills in the tens of thousands. While you can probably cover routine examinations on your own, unexpected vet bills are where pet insurance can save you from a huge burden.

Reason 2: Pet insurance empowers you to make decisions based on what’s best for your cat.

When huge bills leave you weighing your cat’s life against your financial security, you might opt out of treatment that would save their life. Pet insurance for cats can help you to make the life-saving choice.

Reason 3: Pet insurance premiums can be quite low.

Premiums vary based on your coverage tier, your cat’s age, and their health status. If you get your cat insured when they’re young and healthy, your premiums could be less than $10 a month. For less than the price of a monthly poke bowl, you could go to bed knowing that if your cat gets sick or injured, you’ll be able to provide any treatment they need.

Reason 4: The money is available immediately.

A savings account could take years to reach maturity. Pet insurance gives you access to your full reimbursement maximum almost as soon as you take out a policy.

Reason 5: You can choose your veterinarian.

There’s no need to choose an in-network veterinarian. Pet insurance providers will work with your existing veterinarian, meaning that your cat or will receive the same care they’ve come to expect.

Pet insurance can be a good investment for cat parents, but not every provider is a good choice.

To help you pick the right one, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to choosing the best pet insurance for your cat.